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About Shey Harms

Hi, I’m Shey Harms – founder of Second Act Business Academy. All my adult life, I’ve worked in the IT world of corporate America. I’ve been a programmer since the early 90’s and have led teams and projects through many successes. Now I want to help older entrepreneurs achieve their dreams that they put on hold in their younger days by creating an online business without worrying about the tech.

My step-kids flew the coup a few years ago and now I’m enjoying more time and flexibility than ever before. I have started traveling the world and I love building my freedom based business. With an online business I can be anywhere with an internet connection and still connect to my clients. Follow me here, on my podcast and YouTube channel and let me teach you how you can also have a freedom business to enjoy life in a new and exciting way!

Other services

Website Review

I will look at your website and provide a video review with honest feedback on changes you can make to improve email opt-ins and sales conversions.

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Lohnay Bishoff
I discovered Shey Harms at a time in my life when I needed that extra tech assistance to keep me going in my online business.   I only wish I had met her at the very beginning when I was creating my website.  She would have saved me so much time and frustration.  Shey is super patient, trust worthy, kind and above all super knowledgable in all things tech.  You are lucky if you have crossed paths with her.  Don’t let this opportunity pass by.  She is too good to miss!

Lohnay Bishoff

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Turning Non-Techie Empty Nest Entrepreneurs into Online Business Superstars

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